Guidelines for Submission:

With each and every submission, via email, please include a three-sentence bio that describes who you are, what you do, and where you live, as well as a photo of yourself. We’d also love a few words about the work you’re submitting. If you have a website or blog you’d like us to reference, please include the URL with your bio.

Send your submission (800-1000 words, please) and bio in a Word document attachment to:

Attach your photo in jpeg, gif or png format.

We will edit your piece as we see fit, promising to be faithful to the content and voice of your submission. By submitting your piece, you are giving us permission to edit it according to our standards.

We will notify you if we plan to use your sumission, or if we want to save it to use in the future. If we do not use your piece, you probably won’t hear from us.

We do not pay for submissions (we wish we could!); neither do we own your work. Feel free to submit your work concurrently in other places if you wish, as well as reference it online, as part of your resume, or for an agent or publisher.


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